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Our culture

Our values and behaviors make up our Ethos and are the key to our success.

Our culture

Our values and behaviors make up our Ethos and are the key to our success.

Our values

As a culturally diverse company we use values to bind us together, that common element that each and every one of us shares.

We refer to these values as Our Ethos. Our Ethos is our foundation, the rock on which we built our company. It marks who we are and what we do, and even better, all five elements were selected and defined by our employees. We live and demonstrate Our Ethos with one another, with our customers and in our communities. It is how we create our one team culture.

Creating a culture where all our people are protected and constantly aware of the working environment, and providing knowledge, tools and training to recognize hazards, and prevent accidents.

Meeting or exceeding the expectations of our internal and external customers by employing a systematic approach to delivering EthosEnergy business requirements. We embody a culture of innovation and continual improvement to ensure customer satisfaction, business sustainability, and growth over the long term.

We create a team culture that is united by a sense of belonging. We strive to perform at the highest levels to achieve success through a shared set of beliefs and we share a mutual respect and feeling of being valued.

Managing our assets and risks in a productive manner that is in the best interests of the company and our customers. We create value for our stakeholders by ensuring we manage our cash and costs effectively, whilst getting paid a fair price for work performed. We do this by the support of timely and accurate financial information.

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, doing the right thing is a key part of Our Ethos. We practice this by being accountable and acting in a responsible way as company representatives and displaying internal consistency and a lack of corruption.

Our leadership commitments and behaviors

At EthosEnergy we strive to create an environment of excellence in everything we do, dedicating ourselves to becoming extraordinary leaders.

These leadership commitments and behaviors describe the attributes of extraordinary leadership that create our healthy OneEthos culture. 

We are approachable, likeable, and courageous.

We believe in authenticity, honesty, and are grateful to serve.

Welcoming and listening to new ideas and perspectives.

We are relentless at serving our customers and each other.

We feel empowered to do the right thing in the right way.

We are tenacious when solving problems and continuously trying to improve.

We embrace speed and quality, making us stand out.

We are flexible, agile, and eager to learn.

We simplify, focus, and execute to the best of our ability.

We create an environment of respect, empathy, and fairness.

We put our customers and team at the forefront of all we do.

We thrive in collaboration and promote teamwork.

Employee experience

We care about our teammates and recognize the contributions they make to our overall success. That’s why we have created a comprehensive selection of benefits that reflect our OneEthos culture and values.

OneEthos = One Team

Inclusion and diversity is not only critical for our long-term success but also for humanity.

We have a moral responsibility to take a leading role in shaping a better future for ourselves and for generations to come and extend this commitment to all areas of our global business.

We are taking steps to create an environment where everyone from our employees, to our customers, partners and suppliers feel valued, respected and like they belong without having to conform. We are One Team and thrive in an environment where trust, respect, openness, empathy and fairness are not only expected but prosper.

Culture of the year award

EthosEnergy won the ‘Culture of the Year’ award in the Energy Industries Council (EIC) Awards 2021.

EthosEnergy was honored by EIC with this award for implementing and displaying our beliefs and behaviors, building a more inclusive, engaged and sustainable company.

The power of  people. ​ The power of  you.​ The power to lead

We are committed to making energy affordable, available and sustainable for everyone, everywhere.

Our people are at the heart of this commitment and are inspired to challenge and push boundaries through excellence and leadership. We celebrate our diversity and use our unique talents and perspectives to win, as a team.​ 

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