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Our Ethos

Our commitment to making energy affordable, available and sustainable for everyone, everywhere.

Who we are

Our customers are facing a challenging future. They want a flexible and viable partner to support them in a world of changing expectations.

EthosEnergy turns on potential to deliver services and solutions globally for rotating equipment to make energy affordable, available and sustainable.

A unique combination of partnership and service quality, backed by a track record of tailored solutions, for the power, oil & gas, industrial and aerospace markets.

EthosEnergy operates in over 100 countries to consistently improve performance across the value chain.

Our values

As a culturally diverse company we use values to bind us together, that common element that each and every one of us shares. We refer to these values as Our Ethos. Our Ethos is our foundation, the rock on which we built our company. It marks who we are and what we do, and even better, all five elements were selected and defined by our employees. We live and demonstrate Our Ethos with one another, with our customers and in our communities. It is how we create our one team culture.


Creating a culture where all our people are protected and constantly aware of the working environment, and providing knowledge, tools and training to recognize hazards, and prevent accidents.


Meeting or exceeding the expectations of our internal and external customers by employing a systematic approach to delivering EthosEnergy business requirements. We embody a culture of innovation and continual improvement to ensure customer satisfaction, business sustainability, and growth over the long term.


We create a team culture that is united by a sense of belonging. We strive to perform at the highest levels to achieve success through a shared set of beliefs and we share a mutual respect and feeling of being valued.

Financial Responsibility

Managing our assets and risks in a productive manner that is in the best interests of the company and our customers. We create value for our stakeholders by ensuring we manage our cash and costs effectively, whilst getting paid a fair price for work performed. We do this by the support of timely and accurate financial information.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, doing the right thing is a key part of Our Ethos. We practice this by being accountable and acting in a responsible way as company representatives and displaying internal consistency and a lack of corruption.

We are where you are

As a global organization, we have facilities in a variety of countries from Thailand through Abu Dhabi and Poland, to the USA.

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