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Performance Center - Remote Operations

Advanced remote operations of power plant and other energy producing assets with performance optimization and expert on-demand support

Advanced remote operations of power plant and other energy producing assets with performance optimization and expert on-demand support

The future of energy performance

Our secure-by-design Performance Center for power generation assets provides continuous real-time remote operations combined with unparalleled asset monitoring and diagnostics.

Based in Houston, Texas, our experienced O&M professionals control safe and compliant start-stop operations through fast and encrypted cyber-secure connections. Our control room offers similar capabilities to your onsite control room. 

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Improving asset reliability and operational excellence

Boost reliability through remote operation with plant-wide monitoring and global on-demand engineering support.

Our Performance Center provides 24/7 remote operation and monitoring of your energy assets supported by worldwide on-demand access to expert engineering resources for critical asset intelligence.

Our experienced teams have the depth of engineering and technical knowledge needed to solve problems without involving OEM or third-parties, while also providing regular scheduled plant maintenance.

As well as integrating predictive and preventative maintenance processes to support your assets, our remote monitoring and AI technology detects early warning of reliability and performance issues reducing forced outages and unplanned maintenance.

As thermal performance professionals, we are experienced in scoping and streamlining repair planning. We focus on maximizing reliability of plant operations by mitigating risks and optimizing your assets availability, stability and efficiency.

Maximized ROI on your assets

Our state-of-the-art Performance Center is staffed by industry-proven professionals who remotely monitor, operate, and manage multiple plants, improving staffing efficiency, removing labor costs, and reducing the burden of recruiting and retaining talent to operate locally.

Together, our advanced remote technologies and access to global on-demand engineering expertise optimize your plant's efficiency and reliability, reducing both operational and maintenance costs. High-speed, high-fidelity fiber optic systems ensure fast start-up times with no delay.

We streamline your energy operation, reducing costs and maximizing your profitability in cyclic operation.

Cybersecure and compliant. Designed with energy security in mind.

Fundamentally secure, our Performance Center is designed to above industry standard protocols (NERC CIP Medium) and is ISO 11064 compliant. It’s the ‘Fort Knox’ of remote operation centers.

Using a cybersecure VPN, our experienced remote operators securely connect to plant control systems using an encrypted connection to monitor and control your plant in real-time.

We are committed to plant safety, security and compliance. So, you can rest assured that your assets are protected when operated by our Performance Center.

Key Offerings:

Remote Operations

Cybersecure real-time remote operations of power generation and energy essential assets.

Our state-of-the-art performance center staffed by industry-proven professionals, remotely manages
and monitors the performance of your energy assets and intelligently optimizes it through encrypted
cybersecure connections, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communication in real-time with dispatch of
site personnel using innovative technology.

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Performance Analytics

Expert support to optimize performance and reduce cost to operate – heat rate, fuel efficiency.

Our highly experienced performance operators perform initial and ongoing plant performance analysis focused on fine-tuning your machinery to operate as efficiently as possible and within machine design. Performance anomalies are prioritized and corrected based on the net benefit to the customer. Remotely integrate predictive and preventative maintenance processes to optimize your asset's availability and efficiency.

On-demand engineering support

On-demand engineering to support critical asset operations.

Supported by worldwide on-demand access to EthosEnergy’s thermal performance engineers and
expert in-house engineering technical resources in core elements of plant operations. Including but
not limited to gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, utility transformers, HRSG/boilers and
Balance-of-Plant (BOP). We will track and manage the issue until resolved, maintaining
communication with the customer throughout the process.

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AI Monitoring

AI-powered monitoring with rapid performance diagnostic and predictive asset analytic services.

Our integrated A.I. platform provides a thorough and proactive approach to energy operations. Using advanced technologies such as pattern recognition, AI, and machine learning, our performance operators ensure your assets are running at peak efficiency. We also have the ability to leverage advanced remote video surveillance technology to continually monitor your assets using real-time thermal imaging to detect anomalies earlier.

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