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Operations and Maintenance

Comprehensive O&M services for power generation facilities. Full care, custody, and control of your power plant for increased profit and reliability.

Operations and Maintenance

Comprehensive O&M services for power generation facilities. Full care, custody, and control of your power plant for increased profit and reliability.

The experts powering plants

We are the experts that efficiently manage, maintain and control your plant. Our comprehensive and scalable  O&M solutions optimize your energy operations for long-term performance; reducing downtime, maintaining peak efficiency and generating maximum revenue.

Our experts take full care, custody and control of your power generation facility using customized solutions with trusted processes, strategies and proven technologies based on decades of experience. We ensure continuously safe, compliant and profitable power plant operations you can rely on now and in the future.

Comprehensive third-party Care, Custody and Control

Our experts efficiently manage and operate your plant's power, heat, and process steam risk profiles. Our processes and streamlined mobilization result in superior performance and reliability. 

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  • Simple cycle gas turbine power plants
  • Combined cycle gas power plants
  • Cogeneration power plants
  • Conventional thermal, renewable, and mining operations 
  • Maximize availability 
  • Outage planning
  • Environmental compliance
  • Plan execution 
  • Plant optimization
  • Reliable operations
  • Risk mitigation
  • Timely event investigation and resolution
  • Private Equity
  • Independent power producers
  • Municipalities 
  • Industrial 
  • Oil and gas 

Expert power plant care with proven results

Providing reliable, safe, regulation and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliant power plant solutions.

We are recognized as being one of the top Operations and Maintenance performers, and for good reason. 

Our dedicated experts optimize your asset's efficiency, turning on your plant's full potential. We take full care, custody and control of your plant, applying specialist knowledge and experience along with proven processes and a customized service to reduce plant downtime and mitigate risks. This results in reliable facilities that deliver superior plant performance.

We optimize your energy operation, maximize your plant's availability, and improve your business and commercial performance.

We never compromise on safety. Our excellent safety performance with power plant facilities proves that. 

We’ve embedded a culture of safety within all of our people and processes. This has led to effective recognition and sustainable solutions to complex safety challenges. Our safety and regulatory processes, programs and training track record at power plant facilities enable you to achieve and exceed health and safety, ethics and compliance as well as environmental and governmental compliance objectives. 

We are committed to ensuring operational compliance and perform corrective, preventative and condition-based maintenance programs for your power plant facilities in line with your needs, as well as laws and regulations.

The safety of your operation is not worth risking. Rely on us for high human performance at your facilities to ensure that everyone stays safe, always.

Our comprehensive O&M solutions maximize your return on investment through effective operations and management.

We implement effective management operations and full-scope maintenance strategies tailored to the operational design and capabilities of your assets, ensuring they are maintained and operated accordingly and producing at optimal levels.

By reducing plant downtime and maintaining optimal generating efficiency, we increase predictable cash flow, better manage budgets, reduce long-term costs, CAPEX and OPEX.

We take expert care of your plant using proven best practices, improving the plant’s life cycle value, and maximizing bottom-line profitability.

Management of all NERC mandates

Our processes enable you to comply with all regulations, at all times. Achieve and exceed your health and safety, ethics and compliance, and environmental and governmental compliance objectives.

Optimization and upgrades for your rotating equipment

We provide the unique scale and in-house capabilities to optimize your plant's life cycle value, leveraging our optimized solutions portfolio of major maintenance capabilities for critical rotating equipment. 


Remote operations and performance diagnostics

Our secure-by-design Performance Center is able to remotely manage and monitor the performance of your power plant and intelligently optimize it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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7 characteristics of a healthy plant

To meet the key drivers of our customers, EthosEnergy's O&M team focuses on the following characteristics. Each of them is backed by a set of processes to achieve quality and consistency, resulting in a level of execution that provides an unrivaled competitive advantage.

Case Studies and Media

We offer depth of experience across a broad range of equipment and technology including all the major OEMs of combustion turbine and steam turbine equipment.

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