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Generator maintenance, repair and upgrades

In practice, there is no generator component that we cannot manufacture, modernize or repair.

As a generator service and repair company, we provide all types of services globally, often for the most modern and efficient power plants including nuclear power plants. We make every effort to help you meet or exceed the ever-increasing requirements of the global electric power system.

We strive to deliver on time and our standard lead times meet or exceed the industry average.

Generator inspection, repair and reverse-engineering

We can inspect, repair, reverse-engineer and re-build centrifugal, axial, and integrally geared compressors from any OEM, whilst incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

Specialist, ISO-certified solutions

Our generator repairs shops fully-service generators up to 300 MWs including complete rotor and stator rewinds.

We are ISO certified and have in-house Level II NDE technicians, clean rooms, machine shop, CNC capabilities, and a full quality department - all which enable us to perform your next generator repair job in industry leading turnaround times at a high-quality standard.

Our generator case studies

A broad portfolio of case studies with real-life examples showing increased reliability, increased output, and industry leading quality, in a range of generator repairs and maintenance services.

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WATCH: Generator stator and rotor services

The EthosEnergy generator services facility in Farmington, NM performs full-service repairs on generators up to 300 MWs including complete rotor and stator rewinds.

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WATCH: Generator manufacturing in Poland

EthosEnergy in Lubliniec, Poland recently manufactured two 320 MVA generators for the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant in Finland. Follow their journey from shop to plant site as we document the adventure by road, rail and sea.

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