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Business Ethics and Whistleblowing

Acting lawfully and with integrity is a top priority for EthosEnergy.

We are committed to behaving ethically and making the right business choices in every situation. EthosEnergy places high value on integrity, mutual respect, and ethical behavior, expecting all our employees, suppliers, and third parties interacting with us to adhere to our ethical standards.

All EthosEnergy employees undertake annual training on the principles and values of business ethics. To prevent improper conduct, EthosEnergy has implemented its own whistleblowing reporting system.

If you have doubts or suspicions that something you have seen, heard, or become aware of may be unlawful, dangerous, unethical, or otherwise contrary to the Business Ethics Policy, we encourage you to report it through our whistleblowing reporting system, as described below.


Who can make a report?

Reports can be made by employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, consultants, collaborators, and, in general, anyone with a working or business relationship with EthosEnergy.

EthosEnergy's whistleblowing reporting system ensures protection against any acts of retaliation. All details of your report will be kept strictly confidential.

Reports can also be submitted anonymously.


How to report?

Reports can be made in all languages through the following methods:


  • Through the whistleblowing helpline, available 24/7, at the specific phone number for each country, available here.


Whistleblowing Procedures

EthosEnergy has adopted specific procedures for Italy and Germany, in compliance with local laws.

These procedures provide more details, among others, on local reporting channels, who will handle your reports, how they will be managed, and how your data, if provided, will be protected.

The Italian Procedure and privacy information can be found at the following link:

The German Procedure and privacy information can be found at the following link: