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Gas Turbine Performance is Key to Net Zero (on-demand)

Data rozpoczęcia
09:00 02 lutego 2022
Data zakończenia
15:30 30 czerwca 2022
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Gas Turbine Performance is Key to Net Zero (on-demand)

Justifying investment while going green

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In a market with increasing competition from renewables and pressure to reduce fossil fuel consumption/emissions, gas turbines must improve their performance to remain viable. However, limited investment in upgrades and deferred maintenance are roadblocks to extending the life of the asset. Improving plant performance is generally performed by focusing on capital improvements to the turbine generators through careful evaluation by the OEM or an experienced service provider.

A combined-cycle plant has many interrelated systems that all contribute to the heat rate and MW output of the plant. Common sub-systems of the plant can be overlooked and their impact on overall performance underestimated. This presentation covers a method of applying a holistic thermal model of a combined cycle plant to identify degraded systems, quantify plant performance recovery, and evaluate the ROI of upgrade solutions.


Jeff Schleis


Jeff Schleis

Gas Turbine Product Manager

Jeff is an experienced product manager with a career founded in turbine controls. Following a start as an engineer in the nuclear power industry, he has spent 25 years managing products for OEMs and independent suppliers including Woodward, GE, Siemens Energy-Westinghouse, and currently EthosEnergy. Jeff has been with EthosEnergy since the inception of the turbine control group in 2002.

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