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Business Ethics

At EthosEnergy, every transaction is meaningful and carries with it the opportunity and responsibility to act with integrity. We are committed to conducting ourselves ethically and to making the “right” business choices in every situation. 

​As a culturally diverse company we use a shared set of beliefs to bind us together, that common element that each and every one of us shares. We refer to these as Our Ethos. 

Our Ethos is the foundation upon which we built our company. It marks who we are and what we do, and more importantly, all five elements were selected and defined by our employees. Our beliefs define our company and how we communicate with our employees and customers. 

The five elements of Our Ethos are Safety, Quality, People, Financial Responsibility and Integrity. 

EthosEnergy places a high value on integrity, mutual respect and ethical conduct and we expect our all our employees, suppliers and third party intermediaries to comply with our Business Ethics Policy. Our Business Ethics Policy is designed to help us meet our responsibilities and it sets out our principles and practices that guide us on how we should conduct our business globally both ethically and legally. 

All our people complete Business Ethics Training and are required to complete an annual acknowledgement that they have read and understood the Business Ethics Policy. We expect every person who represents our business to adhere to the Business Ethics Policy in their daily responsibilities. They have a duty under the Policy to report any improper or unethical conduct that they observe or suspect in connection with work. 

Business Ethics Policy 

​For more information please find our Business Ethics Policy here.


Business Ethics Helpline 

​At EthosEnergy we encourage our employees to let us know about activities that are illegal, unethical, dangerous or a conflict of interest. We ensure our employees are aware that their concerns matter and can be raised in confidence by calling our helpline for free, 24/7 on 0800 069 8042 or logging a concern on our portal here.