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EthosEnergy launches EcoView, industry first CO2 assessment tool for gas turbine rotors

June 21, 2023
EthosEnergy launches EcoView<sup>™</sup>, industry first CO<sub>2</sub> assessment tool for gas turbine rotors

EthosEnergy launches industry first CO2 assessment tool for gas turbine rotors

EthosEnergy, which specialises in services and solutions for rotating equipment in the energy and industrial sectors, has launched the industry’s first life cycle assessment (LCA) solution for gas turbine rotors, enabling full visibility of environmental impact and a quantifiable reduction in CO2 emissions.

Developed in partnership with Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano, the new CO2 assessment tool – EcoView- provides comprehensive environmental insights across each phase of the rotor life cycle. These evaluations quantify the carbon and financial reductions which can be achieved from maintaining existing equipment compared with purchasing new.

"Having a transparent view of CO2 emissions across the entire life cycle, and how to tackle these, is a key factor in the world’s energy market and driving towards net zero carbon emissions. EthosEnergy’s expert team took the initiative to research and explore a pioneering solution which provides emission and maintenance insights for companies across the world to action – implementing a positive change for energy operations. By enabling ESG reporting and compliance, we are supporting the energy industry to achieve a fair energy transition. We are proud to play an active part in the circular economy, offering attractive solutions for our customers and the wider supply chain to prolong existing equipment in a sustainable way.”
Massimo Valsania
VP of Engineering at EthosEnergy

Studies from a pilot of EcoView have shown carbon emission savings and abiotic depletion of up to 40% can be achieved by implementing the LCA insights along with EthosEnergy’s rotor life extension solutions.

The company’s rotor life extension solutions have been engineered to meet or exceed original equipment’s manufacturer (OEM) recommended end of life. 

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Our pioneering solution enables you to fully understand the environmental impact of your equipment, from global warming potential to acidification.

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