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EthosEnergy reveals refreshed brand and new digital experience

October 18, 2021
EthosEnergy reveals refreshed brand and new digital experience

EthosEnergy turns on potential to deliver services and solutions globally for rotating equipment to make energy affordable, available and sustainable.

Our customers are facing a challenging future. They want a viable partner to support them in a world of changing expectations… one partner with the vision to tailor practical asset solutions that reduce their risk and operating costs. A partner with the ethos to make energy affordable and sustainable, while supporting their business through operational complexity and future transition.

To meet the needs of our customers and the future ahead, we began our OneEthos transformation journey last year - our strategy to revitalize our customer-centric culture to meet market needs. Up until now, we have focused most of our efforts internally – aligning our business processes and structure. While our journey is still underway, we felt that now was the right time to start externally communicating the evolution we are undergoing as a company.

Today we start a new chapter in our story, with a refreshed look for EthosEnergy along with a new digital experience for those who visit us online.

Refreshed Logo
Our new logo builds upon the strong foundation of the original symbol, but now showcases a stronger sense of motion – representative of the critical rotating equipment we manage and maintain for customers. The colors have been modernized, but still represent our core values – Safety, People, Integrity, Quality, and Financial Responsibility.

Revamped Digital Experience
We built this new website to showcase the full breadth of EthosEnergy’s expertise but also to serve as a platform to communicate the journey we are on to help make energy affordable, available and sustainable for everyone, everywhere. In the near future, expect to see and hear more about our ESG goals, unique customer solutions and the ways our people are changing the world.

As a trusted asset partner, we believe our experience and expertise gives us a unique perspective to see the bigger picture and join the dots on behalf of our customers to always achieve more. We have OEM capability, but we are more hands on, more agile, more supportive. We are a collective of expertise that can manage assets across critical sectors that serve the demands of a future sustainable world. We are different… flexible, dynamic solutions, tailored responses and quality in partnership for future predictability in a changing world to make energy affordable and available. We are a viable partner in energy transition with the capability to handle business complexity and make it easier to engineer real value.

At EthosEnergy, we’re Turning on Potential.

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