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Knowledge and experience: a key value at EthosEnergy

February 08, 2023
Knowledge and experience: a key value at EthosEnergy

Knowledge and Experience

A key value at EthosEnergy

One of the key factors affecting business efficiency is the skills gap. People with their knowledge and experience are the backbone of every technical venture and companies’ development.

Having this in mind EthosEnergy continues cooperation with local educational institutions. One of EthosEnergy’s longest lasting relationships is with Lubliniec Technical School Complex, which is focused on education of technical workers in various specialties. This includes technical specialists in area of power machinery design, manufacturing and diagnostics. Gaining this unique knowledge in this field is a long-term effort, requiring valuable input in terms of technical expertise as well as practical industrial experience.

In this demanding technical discipline, EthosEnergy provides excellent theoretical and practical support in form of electric machine classes. These classes are conducted by Paweł Berger, Ph.D. Eng, one of the leaders of R&D department.

Electric machines classes give the students a wide background in terms of physical phenomena, basic construction, principles of operation as well as advanced approach to design of modern equipment. Classes are supplemented by trips to the factory to enable the students to get first-hand experience. The final stage of this way of learning comes when trainees have a chance to gain experience during their practice trainings as EthosEnergy employees.

Paweł Berger, Ph.D. Eng, EthosEnergy Lubliniec, Poland
Paweł Berger, Ph.D. Eng, EthosEnergy Lubliniec, Poland

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