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Rotor LTE and EcoView for Greener Operations

December 13, 2023
Rotor LTE and EcoView<sup>™</sup> for Greener Operations

Emissions evolution: Paving the way for a greener future

The global commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation has become more pronounced in recent years, and this scrutiny will only increase in the future.  

Because of this, organizations all over the world are refocusing their efforts toward reducing their carbon footprint and practicing greener methods – ensuring that they are doing all they can to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  

But in this new wave of eco-consciousness, how can companies effectively measure and monitor their emissions across all scopes? This was the crux of the recent webinar, “Better ways to gather Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions data”, where Massimo Valsania, EthosEnergy’s Vice President of Engineering, shared some valuable insights.  

Massimo addressed the challenges that companies face when collecting emissions data, and how extending rotor life can impact emissions.


Why Rotor LTE and EcoView solutions are game changers 

The webinar offered a range of valuable insights, and at EthosEnergy, we want to lead by example. Our Rotor Lifetime Extension (LTE) and EcoView solutions are at the forefront of efforts to help assist companies in their quest for greener operations:  


Rotor Lifetime Extension (LTE) 

A state-of-the-art solution designed to ensure efficiency while keeping environmental impact in check. This unique system not only enhances the performance of your operations but also significantly reduces emissions.  

By replacing components nearing their end of life with a combination of refurbished and new parts, we can help companies reduce waste and extend the life span of their rotors. In doing so, this solution can significantly improve operational performance and effectively reduce emissions.  



Keeping track of your emissions can be a difficult task. EcoView simplifies this process, enabling full visibility of the environmental impact of your operations.  

With its advanced features, EcoView can be used to monitor each phase of the rotor life cycle assessment. This enables you to have accurate, real-time data at your fingertips, facilitating a quantifiable reduction in CO2 emissions. 


A step toward a greener future 

The journey to a sustainable future is paved with challenges and complexities. But with the right tools, these hurdles can be overcome. At EthosEnergy, we are committed to helping companies reach a greener future, and we invite you to join us.  
Reach out to us to explore our Rotor LTE and EcoView solutions.  

Massimo Valsania

Massimo Valsania

VP Engineering

Massimo Valsania, Vice President of Engineering, has worked for EthosEnergy for over 13 years, where he has specialised in gas turbine rotor engineering and project management. 

Earlier this year, Massimo was appointed Hydrogen Europe’s new Co-Chair of their Skills working group. The working group is a cooperation between Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research to understand the trends and needs for hydrogen development.  

In our GE Gas Turbine Rotor Life Extension e-guide...

In our eGuide, we’ll look at:
1. the implications of TIL 1576 on GE gas turbine rotor life extension;
2. what you need to do to comply with the TIL and reduce your risk;
3. how to arrive at an accurate evaluation of the remaining life of your rotor; and
4. your options for gas turbine rotor life extension

Addressing TIL 1576 and evaluating end-of-life solutions is critical to long-term planning for GE heavy duty gas turbine owners and operators. It can be difficult to interpret the TIL, and even more challenging to navigate the market for solutions. 

The good news is that you have options outside of the OEM. Options that can keep you in your current frame technology and minimize lengthy outage timeframes, while still meeting your long-term operational goals. 

PLUS...a quick guide to planning to rotor end of life to help you decide what works best for your assets. 

Click here or scroll down to read more about rotor life extension and read case studies on our solutions. 

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