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Radoslaw Wisniewski at VGBE Steam Turbines 2022

Start date
07:00 14 June 2022
End date
18:00 15 June 2022
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Radoslaw Wisniewski at VGBE Steam Turbines 2022

VGB Steam Turbines Event 2022

The aim of this conference is to ensure future steam turbine operations are highly available and efficient, with help from experience leaders in the industry

The main issues are:

  • Operating experience with new technologies
  • Operation and overhaul of industrial steam turbines
  • New concepts for maintenance and repair
  • Digitization in maintenance
  • Use of condition monitoring, SPC, AI for operation and maintenance of turbines in power plants
  • Plant improvement
  • Rotors and turbine components contaminated with feedwater ingredients.
    • Countermeasures/recommendations

This conference offers further aspects and opportunities – also beyond the steam turbine operation – to exchange expertise.

The VGB Working Group “Steam Turbines” will answer your questions and support the exchange of experience by personally contacting you at the VGB booth during the breaks of the event.


Key Speaker

Radoslaw Wisniewski

Key Speaker

Radoslaw Wisniewski

Engineering Manager

Radoslaw Wisniewski, Engineering Manager for the East Hemisphere, has worked for EthosEnergy for over 12 years, where he has specialised in steam turbine design and engineering.

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