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Matteo Benincasa at World Hydrogen MENA 2022

Start date
12:00 15 March 2022
End date
12:00 16 March 2022
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Matteo Benincasa at World Hydrogen MENA 2022

World Hydrogen MENA 2022

The Hydrogen Upgrade: Fast, Cost Effective and Sustainable Decarbonation

A key focus for EthosEnergy has been our hydrogen programme. We have invested significantly in this programme and have partnered with the Polytechnic University of Turin for the research and development of technology to allow conversion of 40MW size gas turbines to accept a hydrogen blend, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

In our journey through the energy evolution, we are taking steps to provide multi-frame retrofit solutions across multiple OEMs. EthosEnergy’s engineering team recently began a pilot project, aiming to retrofit 40MW gas turbines with a combustion system able to burn hydrogen at different blend rates (from 0% to 100%).

Our goal is to develop multi-frame solutions for our customers to cover different engines, extending the life of “mature” technology turbines. The first steps include relatively small modifications to existing combustors, allowing co-firing of hydrogen with existing combustion systems (DF and DLN) at different blend rates. Projects like these allow us to incrementally impact CO2 emissions targets.

As a global leader in power generation and rotating equipment solutions, it is our responsibility to support our customers provide safe, sustainable, affordable, and reliable power, across power generation, oil and gas and industrial applications. EthosEnergy is committed to becoming a leader in sustainability. 

Key Speaker

Matteo Benincasa

Key Speaker

Matteo Benincasa

Regional Sales Director MEA

Matteo is our Regional Sales Director in the MEA region and will be presenting The Hydrogen Upgrade: Fast, Cost Effective and Sustainable Decarbonation at the World Hydrogen MENA event in Dubai. During this presentation, Matteo will discuss hydrogen's future in MENA's Power and Utilities sectors, cost-effective, time-efficient options for decarbonising existing assets and the changing role of hydrogen today vs. tomorrow.

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