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Your GE Gas Turbine CAN Run Longer

Start date
13:00 08 June 2022
End date
14:00 08 June 2022
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Your GE Gas Turbine CAN Run Longer

Webinar Overview

Your GE Gas Turbine CAN Run Longer

June 8, 2022

1:00 pm CST

EthosEnergy is hosting a webinar with Combined Cycle Journal on June 8 regarding GE Rotor End of Life.

This session will explore the design limits of your GE Gas Turbine Rotor as outlined in GE TIL 1576, outline critical factors to consider when deciding to replace or extend an end of life rotor, and provide details of EthosEnergy’s Rotor End of Life Program. This will include the evolution of our manufacturing process as well as our specific solutions which can extend rotor life.

There are significant advantages to staying in your current technology over a change in frame type – advantages that save you time, money, and risk. EthosEnergy has developed comprehensive rotor solutions aimed at maximizing the life of these assets.

From shop inspections to full rotor replacements, the choices can be overwhelming. Every gas turbine user has specific operating and financial considerations that impact the optimum rotor solution for your gas turbine.


Key Speaker

Jeff Schleis

Key Speaker

Jeff Schleis

Gas Turbine Product Manager

Jeff is an experienced product manager with a career founded in turbine controls. Following a start as an engineer in the nuclear power industry, he has spent 25 years managing products for OEMs and independent suppliers including: Woodward, GE, Siemens Energy-Westinghouse, and currently EthosEnergy. Jeff has been with EthosEnergy since the inception of the turbine control group in 2002 and currently holds the position of Product Manager for the western hemisphere heavy industrial gas turbine market.

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