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Supply chain partner for the future of energy

November 17, 2022
Supply chain partner for the future of energy

Supply chain partner for the future of energy

By Matteo Benincasa, Head of Sales Middle East and Africa, EthosEnergy

The Middle East oil and gas market is showing significant signs of renewed traction – and nowhere has that confidence been more apparent than among the thousands of delegates who attended the recent ADIPEC conference.

This year’s theme was centred on the secure, affordable and sustainable future of energy. With the high oil price and geopolitical circumstances leading to substantial financial commitments in the oil and gas sector, there is a surge in wider scoped investments in traditional oil and gas operations.

The sector is experiencing a massive amount of growth, with the aim of securing and stabilising the world’s energy supply. But how does the industry balance this immediate need for energy, with the longer term strategy of renewable energies?


Balanced and localised operations

As a transitional form of energy, gas will play a major part in bridging the gap between traditional and clean forms of production. The supply chain and committed partners around the world, like EthosEnergy, are primed to support this journey and facilitate a phased transition in line with the world’s energy needs.

There is evidently still a requirement for reliable and trusted supply chain companies to provide the necessary services for this transition. Many of the customers I spoke with during ADIPEC who came from the Gulf Cooperation Council (Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE) made it clear that there is still a lack of technically competent companies active in the local market with capabilities in various areas, like critical rotating equipment.

EthosEnergy’s ability to provide services, upgrades, rerate and machining support to both rotating equipment and castings and solid materials separates us from our competition in the region.

Our recent investments and new AED 10+ million engineering workshop in Abu Dhabi demonstrates our commitment to the economic growth of the area. By offering high value, technologically innovative solutions at our new 86,000 sq ft facility, our team is positioned to be a major player in the power generation and oil and gas industry.

Our extensive technical support network and localised history is an exciting prospect for local companies. Working with a company within the GCC, other than traditional OEMs, reinforces the need for a solid supply chain in-region and the benefits of their expertise in the local market.


ADIPEC insights

I took part in two engaging events hosted by the Energy Industry Council (EIC) during ADIPEC. During ‘The essential role of gas in moving to a net zero future’, it was discussed how natural gas is one of the mainstays of the global energy sector in replacing more polluting fuels. This session explored the important role that gas will have to play in the energy mix as we move towards a net zero future.

I also attended an industry roundtable, hosted by His Excellency Omar Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary, Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT) – UAE, which gave the unique opportunity for companies visiting the UAE to hear a selection of successful case studies from peers who have already established a production presence in the country.

During both events, I discussed EthosEnergy’s life extension capabilities which include rotor life extension program, steam turbine blade repair and hydrogen blend technology for existing gas turbines.


Collaboration and partnership on the agenda

It was encouraging to see discussions during ADIPEC this year being centred around collaboration and partnership, rather than explicit selling of specific products and services. It was a place to meet old colleagues and friends to have fruitful conversations and to reconnect in an atmosphere where everyone is working towards the same energy goals.

For EthosEnergy, supply chain excellency for the future of energy is our aim and we are excited for our new facility and breadth of capabilities in the region to help achieve this.


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