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Localisation: a key factor in a sustainable energy market

December 01, 2023
Localisation: a key factor in a sustainable energy market

A series by Executive VP Mario Cincotta: 'Localisation, circularity and technology: the three key factors of a sustainable energy market'

Localisation, localisation, localisation

The World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 recognised the need for localisation in the humanitarian system. The message to NGOs was to reinforce, rather than replace, national and local systems. In other words, to empower those in situ with the support and funding to tackle projects. 

The message is equally pertinent to the global energy industry where international companies such as EthosEnergy seek to maximise local value in the regions they operate.  

In the Middle East, our existing and upcoming bases place us close to the action for customers, suppliers and operations. From a localisation perspective, it means our finger is on the pulse of regions across the world, helping us to see the bigger picture and identify challenges and opportunities through an industry-wide lens. 

At the core of our expansion in Kazakhstan, for example, is a valued partnership with KTR and a workforce drawn entirely from the region. Together, we provide a range of maintenance and repair solutions on-site and from our service centre for critical rotating equipment.  

We're also combining the localisation ethos with proprietary technology to provide customers with the simplest, most effective solutions. This approach means harnessing our experience of operating globally and applying that knowledge, that experience, to individual projects with a laser focus.  

Understanding how projects are executed, how customers operate and understanding that being adaptable - that each project is unique - can give companies an edge over competitors. By approaching every project, regardless of size, with the same rigour and attention to detail, we can be certain of delivering the best possible service. 

Mario Cincotta


Mario Cincotta, Executive Vice President, has strategic and operational leadership for the East Hemisphere. Mario is based in Italy, and reports into CEO Ana Amicarella.

He brings with him 25 years of experience across the energy industry having spent 20 years with the GE Energy business in various leadership roles prior to his former position.

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