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Run your GE Gas Turbine Rotor Longer

Guide to GE Rotor Life Extension

Addressing TIL 1576 and evaluating end-of-life solutions is critical to long-term planning for GE heavy duty gas turbine owners and operators. It can be difficult to interpret the TIL, and even more challenging to navigate the market for solutions. 

The good news is that you have options outside of the OEM. Options that can keep you in your current frame technology and minimize lengthy outage timeframes, while still meeting your long-term operational goals. 

In our eGuide, we’ll look at:
1. the implications of TIL 1576;
2. what you need to do to comply;
3. how to arrive at an accurate evaluation of the remaining life of your rotor; and
4. your options for rotor life extension

PLUS...a quick guide to planning to rotor end of life to help you decide what works best for your assets. 

Click here or scroll down to read more about rotor life extension and read case studies on our solutions. 

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More about the eGuide

Are you approaching the hours or starts limit on your GE heavy-duty gas turbine? 

Rotors are a critical part of a heavy-duty gas turbine. But they have a finite life. And failure to inspect increases the risk of defects, which can result in downtime, lack of availability, and even damage. All of which comes at a cost.

That’s why GE issued a safety-critical technical information letter (TIL 1576) imposing limits on the operational life of its rotors. Our guide to GE rotor life extension aims to give you a comprehensive view on the situation, the challenges that owners face, and how to plan for rotor end-of-life. 

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Rotor life extension case studies

Explore proven projects where EthosEnegy supplied a custom solution for our client's GE heavy-duty gas turbines

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As a global organization, we have multiple gas turbine facilities in a variety of locations. From US, UAE, and Europe, our gas turbine experts are ready to assist you wherever you are.

It is our intention to ensure our customers can maintain and continue operation of all their capital components for as long as possible without risk, ensuring they maximize the return on investment.