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How is EthosEnergy building corporate values and culture during a global pandemic?

May 03, 2021
How is EthosEnergy building corporate values and culture during a global pandemic?

In the latest edition of LBPartners Expert’s monthly newsletter, Ana Amicarella, CEO of EthosEnergy discusses her non-traditional strategy on building corporate values and culture during a global pandemic.

Through an era when in-person events were simply not an option, Ana has depended on the use of digital platforms to “replicate that in-person feel.”

EthosEnergy is proud to adopt the commitment of inclusivity, and Ana highlights how the company is using technology to bring the team closer together. The aim is to give EthosEnergy employees a sense of belonging, respect, and teamwork as well as making these a part of our culture. 

“Ana Amicarella (CEO of EthosEnergy emphasizes the importance of using digital platforms to “replicate that in-person feel” as you, fellow leaders, executives, and work teams work remotely due to COVID restrictions. She points out that Inclusiveness is one of EthosEnergy’s “Behaviors and Commitments. 

Her organization’s challenge and opportunity to find ways through technology and processes to continue making people feel like they are part of the team Consistent with information we received from others, Ana considers it “mission critical” that employees share in a sense of belonging, mutual respect, and the importance of putting the team ahead of personal needs. 

Their solution increased communication through whatever means possible, whether it involves a pre-scheduled virtual session or a quick “five-minute catch up with your colleague. Regardless of the tool or technique employed, the bottom line is that it remains important for everyone to continue to feel a valued part of Ana’s team.” 

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